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Zycraft has developed and built the Vigilant Class Independent Unmanned Surface Vessel™ (IUSV) and  the Shomari Long Range Vessel™ (LRV) using the world’s most advanced nano composite material. As a result, the vessels feature lightweight but extremely strong hulls; hence, these boats can carry exceptionally heavier payloads and offer long endurance beyond equivalent size vessels.

The Vigilant IUSV is offered both for sale and as a service. It provides a cost-effective long range and endurance capability to users for Maritime Surveillance, Logistics, Search and Rescue and Special Missions. Satellite Communications is the primary mode for command and control and enables the IUSV to operate virtually anywhere around the world controlled from a home base.

The Shomari LRVs are based in Singapore and are available to fulfill special long endurance missions especially in Maritime Security Escort, Search and Rescue. With the Shomari LRV,  Zycraft offers the unique Total Response Capability to track as well as respond to piracy incidents involving their ships. Fast transfer to Outer Port Limits is also offered.

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